About Us


Creating "Smiley Time"
in Our Friends' Daily Life.

Our mission is to provide a great number of people worldwide, with a pleasant moment in their daily lives where they can smile happily with their family and friends. Overcoming all the differences among countries, languages, cultures, ages, and genders, we are committed to creating products and services that are enjoyable for everyone. By doing so, we will expand the number of smiling faces all over the world through social interactions.


Taking It
One Improvement
at a Time

We always aim to recognize our users’ needs and make them smile in order to continuously provide even more superior products and services. To achieve this goal, it is essential to make one tiny improvement at a time over and over again, not only focusing on making major advancements. We at WonderPlanet must carefully review our products, identify even the tiniest of problems, refine them little by little, and never give up.

Clearing Away
the Walls

As corporate transparency is improved, all staff members will work and cooperate in harmony. They also volunteer to share their knowledge and help others, which creates our high-potential corporate ethos, enabling workers to cooperate seamlessly. In order to provide our users with even better products and services, we strive for our openness, clearing away every single wall in every field: management, our company organization and system, corporate culture, development and working environments.

Play Hard,
Learn Hard

To make our users smile, we at WonderPlanet must first smile happily. We are expected to entertain ourselves, not only with online games, but with a range of offline activities to inspire ourselves and accumulate smile-filled experiences. We always learn well through our varied experiences as users so as to create to the best of our abilities.

Our Offices

Our Offices

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