Crash Fever has reached over 4 Million Downloads
– We will be celebrating by running 10 HUGE events from June 23rd –

NAGOYA, JAPAN-June 22, 2016 – WonderPlanet Inc. (Director & CEO: Tomoki Tsunekawa) announced that puzzle RPG Crash Fever has been downloaded over 4 millions, and to celebrate this milestone, we will be running our “4 Million Downloads Celebration” from June 23rd.


Crash Fever’s inviting virtual world provides a simple yet exhilarating game experience, where you break panels with a touch of your finger while listening to an awesome soundtracks.
Both the gameplay style, consisting of “accumulate, accumulate, then CRUSH all the panels in one go,” and a feeling of exhilaration, which along with our comical TV commercial have helped make this game a popular talking point. At the time of writing, our official Twitter account has reached over 150,000 followers.

During the “4 Million Downloads Celebration”, we will be launching a whopping 10 events giving both new players and veterans a chance to get polygons, play the 4 Million Downloads Blowout Event, get unit-enhancing materials, and more!

Events Breakdown

  1. Log in for a polygon! Get up to 7 in total!
    Get a polygon on each day you log in to the app during the distribution period!
    [Distribution Period: June 23 (Thu) – June 29 (Wed)]
    – Polygons will be distributed every day at 3 PM.
    – Only players who log in from 3 PM on June 23 (Thu) – 2:59 PM on June 30 (Thu) are eligible.
  2. 4 Million Downloads Blowout Event “With Love, From Million Duck IV”!
    A one-time only Million Duck drop loot! Use it for a ton of EXP, or sell it for some serious bittage!
    [Event Period: June 23 (Thu) – June 30 (Thu)]
  3. Get keys to locked quests during the week!
    Get your hands on Locked Quest Keys that give you access to locked quests!
    We’ll be giving you an Experience Key, a Bit Key, and a Limit Leap Key during the event every day when you log in to the app!
    [Distribution Period: June 23 (Thu) – June 29 (Wed)]
    – Locked Quest Keys will be distributed every day at 3 PM.
    – Only players who log in from 3 PM on June 23 (Thu) – 2:59 PM on June 30 (Thu) are eligible.
  4. Attention newbies! It’s a double-EXP event for normal quests!
    Gain double the EXP for all the normal quests from Entering the Mainframe (1) to Candy Cottage (16)!
    Grab a bunch of EXP points and boost your rank!
    [Event Period: June 23 (Thu) – June 30 (Thu)]
  5. Duck Hunt Operation and Gold Casino (Easy) always available!
    The easy-level guerilla quests Duck Hunt Operation and Gold Casino will be playable for the entirety of the event!
    [Event Period: June 23 (Thu) – June 30 (Thu)]
  6. Acquire awakening skills and limit leap material with the quest Apples Everywhere!
    Apples Everywhere! is a special solo quest, where you can get skill-awakening and limit-leap material!
    [Event Period: June 24 (Fri) – June 25 (Sat)]
  7. Introducing the EXP-fest: After Metal Ducksworth!
    This timed guerilla quest (solo only) After Metal Ducksworth! is one for the experts.
    Run into metal ducks or rarer units on every floor, and maybe even multiple Metal Ducksworths if you’re lucky!
    You can’t miss this!
    [Event Period: June 26 (Sun) – June 27 (Mon)]
  8. Special Weekly Missions!
    Weekly missions are going into overdrive during the event period!
    Clear missions to get fabulous items!
    [Event Period: June 27 (Mon) – July 4 (Mon)]
  9. Rush of Ultimate Wizards!
    Wizard-level quests or higher are provided every day!
    Qilin, Odin, Nobunaga Oda, or Lucifer enter the fray throughout the event!
    [Event Period: June 23 (Thu) – July 1 (Fri)]
  10. 4 Million Downloads Celebration Extravaganza!
    [Event Period: June 23 (Thu) – June 30 (Thu)]

    [Limited-edition Unit]
    [New] 6★ Fermat, the Tricky Instigator

    6★ Mobius, the Eternal Miracle

    – All limited-edition units shown above are post-awakened 6★ forms.
    – Limted-edition units are not attainable at 6★.

Crash Fever Game Overview


App Name Crash Fever
Genre Puzzle RPG
Price Free (In-app purchases possible)
Compatible with OS (iOS 7.0 and higher), and Android (4.0 and higher)
App Store
Google Play
Official Website
Official Twitter @CrashFever_PR